‘Churchill was a racist!’

A non poetry post this month because i want to use my platform to express my support for Black Lives Matter and Anti-Colonial and Anti-Fascist action we are seeing taking place in response to the Murder of George Floyd (R.I.P). I am wary of posting on social media for various reasons but the main being […]


A Riot in the Tesco they’re buying out the stock of sanitary products ECONOMIC SHOCK whether flu or famine of threat of war the ‘Great British public’ will be queing at the door in a coded system based on class we’ll eat eachother but let the rich shop first. (covid)2020

the Auld ‘New Jerusalem’

Across heath and haunted hill o in this confused land that they once called Jerusalem with no irony, they planned to implant thier tribe on foreign isles and rule from old England with Christian arrogance the soldiers onward went and fifes did play ‘Scotland the Brave’ and the butcher’s blade had bled but there’s nothing […]

winter blues

to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the gloomy season heres the first of my miserable winter themed poems.. ps to all my pals.. stay happy despite the gloom, go and see some nature and socialise as much as possible! i’m a big believer that although some people are adversely affected by […]

Offensive Fences

Some look through their world through the barrel of a gun You look at the town through your I pad Made by people who can only just touch a world That you don’t even have the decency to look at Children playing in a Barrio Duck to avoid the spray of gunfire Focus on the […]

First world problem?

Cold and hungry in the first world Walls breeding spores Old, sick and vulnerable At the sharp end of the law Passive sanction Violent action Disassociated from the violent act For the wealthy and rich Life is the tits But its shit Beneath the waiting axe 2015

Yes Sir, I Will

the collaged/ assemblage image as the background of this site is entitled ‘Yes Sir, I Will’ and is a reference to Crass (again) but particularly in the work of their in house artist Gee Vaucher – a huge influence on my visual art and a proper legend (i once saw her give a talk and […]

Westminster tentacles

In the hallowed government halls Haunted by old ghosts Drinks are spiked in satanic rights And they feast on human souls Inside DHSS house Lives are turned inside out By ghouls and creeps Pie charts, spreadsheets Fear, famine and drought In the house the mayor lives in Filth, squalor and sin But impeccably clean and […]

Sea, shite, shantys and plague

I thought the sea’d  make a man o me Soon found that I was still meself Beneath the waves Dead cities sway And fishes don’t care about wealth The roar o the thunder and Thrill o the plunder Soon turnt to an ominous calm And ships that flyed past Flyed peaceflags from the mast But […]